In the light of local and global uprising of discrimination, it is imperative that we announce a zero tolerance to any form of racial bias, institutionalised racism, racial defamation, genderbased violence and child abuse. Cape Town Baseball Federation shares in this voice and speaks
out about issues plaguing our sport.

Historically, we have walked a path of segregated sport to one of integration. Our sport in many ways still suffers from the legacy and pain of the apartheid regime. As a minority sport in South Africa, community building is an integral part of our growth which cannot exist in spaces where we cannot hold our participants accountable to the ideals of our rainbow nation.

We have overcome barriers to participation, we have created access for those disadvantaged and development pathways for success. It is with conviction that Cape Town Baseball Federation takes a stance of zero tolerance condemning racism, related intolerance and
encouraging change. We hope that all can find courage to have difficult conversations and seek to understand backgrounds and perspectives that are foreign to us, recognising what makes us different also makes us stronger.

The world is in a state cataclysmic breakdown in upholding human rights. It is for baseball, that we encourage our community to engage and create awareness regarding racism, gender-based violence, child abuse and any other related intolerances, but furthermore to be active participants of change. In addition, to realize that sport is graceful in competition and has no place for ill conduct which threatens social, racial, or financial status of any of its members.

September 2020

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