A’s hold off Villains in Bridgetown

2019-11-05 06:00
Sean Campbell


Athlone A’s managed to hold off Durbanville Villains to secure an 8-7 victory in their Cape Town Baseball Federation Major League match at Vangate Sports Complex in Athlone on Saturday 2 November.

After taking a commanding 8-1 lead at the end of the third innings, A’s allowed Durbanville to claw their way back and almost sneak the win at the end.

A’s scored a run after a single hit from Aiden O’Connor and a two-base hit from Anrich Roberts to open their scoring in the first inning. A’s scored a further three runs in the second innings after Durbanville made two costly errors on two down as well as an a Cameron Fortuin single hit to left field.

Durbanville opened their scoring in the third innings, scoring a run from three walks and a hit-by-pitch.

A’s scored their last four runs in the bottom of the third inning from two walks, a hit-by-pitch, an error, a two-base hit by Casley Ripepi and a single hit by Ray Wilkinson to take an 8-1 lead.

Durbanville bounced back immediately with four runs of their own in the top of the fourth innings from four walks, an error, two sacrifice hits and a hit by Tyrone Baglione to reduce the score to 8-5.

Durbanville scored their last two runs in the sixth innings from a walk, a hit-by-pitch, a sacrifice fly and hits from Darryn Smith and Glen Buckley.

A’s started their pitching with Dean Jacobs, who pitched four innings, giving away a single hit, seven walks, two hit-by-pitch and struck out two hitters.

He was relieved by regular middle infielder Mathew Diedericks, who pitched five innings, allowing four hits, three walks, three hit-by-pitch, while he struck out six hitters.

Stuart Brown started for Durbanville, pitching three innings, allowing five hits four walks, a hit-by-pitch and struck out two hitters. He pitched five innings, allowed two hits, a walk, a hit-by-pitch and struck out four hitters. O’Connor of A’s was the only hitter to secure two hits for the game.

A’s left nine runners on base compared to Durbanville’s 14. In other Major League matches; Bothasig Knights beat Maitland Giants 13-2, VOB Macaws beat Van der Stel 18-17 and Bellville Tygers beat Grassy Park Crusaders 12-2. In a catch-up game on Sunday 3 November, Maitland Giants beat VOB Macaws 18-8.

After four games, defending champions Bothasig Knights lead the league with eight points, followed by Maitland Giants and Bellville Tygers on six points, followed by VOB Macaws and Athlone A’s on four points with Van der Stel with two points and Grassy Park Crusaders and Durbanville Villains with no points.

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